Monday, November 21, 2011

i am not a snail

a snail carries a heavy bulky shell on its back.
up a blade of grass, across a sandy patch.
such a hefty burden the shell is,
but the snail carries it still
because it is home
--protection and warmth
it is comfort.

I am not a snail
yet I too had a burden
no less heavier than the snail's.
mine wasn't a home
but it promised warmth
and comfort, dreams come true.

childish promises.
lofty castles built of clouds
rich in romance and fantasy
with ever changing guises. 
when all is said and done
I hold in my gentle hands
air, and fading memories.

I am not a snail
I want no burden.
Not of love or concern,
void of hatred or belittlement.
It's time to skip off the cliff
on which I have stood for years.
Let me unfold my wings
long hidden, forgotten
and flap, flap

thank you, 
for being ever wiser.